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About Us

Welcome to Battle Bling! 

Battle Bling was set up by two great friends with a shared passion for gaming, collecting, creating miniatures and games development. 

Initially we wanted to make big guns for big Titans and we met a few like minded people along the way who joined us in our efforts.

A year later we have around 200 ish products from a family of sculptors around the world. We provide products and support to a few gaming systems that we love and do our best to produce the miniatures and accessories that our communities want us to make. 

Today we pride ourselves on sponsoring tournaments, running hobby online events and sponsoring Friends such as Tabletop Standard on YouTube and the Maximal Fire Podcast. 

The entire Battle Bling team set out to support the games and communities that we are proud to be a part of. For more info on what's going on in the world of Battle Bling follow us on Instagram and check out our weekly (Wednesday) update videos. We also have a small repository of videos on Youtube you may find useful too. 

Thanks for swinging by and feel free to join us on socials for more Battles and Bling. 

Sending little boxes of awesome around the world since 2021.